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SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 Unplugged

Definitely excited about the new features and, in general, about Microsoft’s commitment to improving their BI stack. Advertisements

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Customizing SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Here are the customization changes I make when setting up SSMS. You can find all of these settings by going to Tools, then Options… Environment > Keyboard > Keyboard This is a safety issue…unprogram Ctrl+E and Alt+X as shortcuts for executing a query. I use F5

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SSIS Send Mail Task does not support HTML as a message format

I do not use the SSIS Send Mail Task often and either never noticed, noticed and forgot, or never actually needed it myself but this topic came up on a Forum earlier and it caught me off-guard. SSIS has been around

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Importing data in a MySQL database into a SQL Server database

Let me start by saying this did not turn out to be as easy as I originally thought. I started with a giant assumption that I think many may have in the past: With SSIS, Microsoft’s integration tool shipped with

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Implement explicit installation and uninstallation options for xp_cmdshell

Implement explicit installation and uninstallation options for xp_cmdshell Up-vote this Connect item if you would like to be able to control the availability of xp_cmdshell on your instances more than simply enabling or disabling it via sp_configure.

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SQL Training

I had the pleasure of attending a 5 day SQL Server 2012 Internals and Query Tuning class led by Kalen Delaney the week before last. I had a head start going into the class because I had already read SQL

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Article Published on SQL Server Central

My sixth article was published on yesterday: Loginless Database Users and Dynamic SQL

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