SSIS Send Mail Task does not support HTML as a message format

I do not use the SSIS Send Mail Task often and either never noticed, noticed and forgot, or never actually needed it myself but this topic came up on a Forum earlier and it caught me off-guard. SSIS has been around since 2005 and the Send Mail Task still does not support the option to send HTML-formatted email messages. I do not know for sure but a safe assumption is that the Send Mail Task is leveraging the mail objects in the .NET System.Net.Mail namespace. Regardless of the underpinnings, how difficult could it be to expose an option to allow folks to send HTML-formatted email from the native SSIS Send Mail Task? The feature seems like it should have been there all along and now appears to be severely overdue. With presumably a low level of effort required to implement, coupled with a high potential for leaving a bad impression on developers when they realize that a simple thing like offering to send an HTML-formatted message has not been implemented (not to mention the feature actually has utility), I think there is enough justification for any program manager to have it implemented.

Microsoft even went to the trouble of publishing a Books Online article on how to work around the limitation using a Script Task when it may have actually been easier to just fill the gap in the product offering.

Please vote for this Connect item if you agree: Add support for HTML content to SSIS Send Mail Task

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